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Atlas offers some of the most advanced customisation features on the Discord platform, allowing near-complete freedom when it comes to every aspect of your server.

or down, that's fine too...

Otherwordly Customisation

It really needs repeating — unlike anything you're used to, Atlas takes customisation to a whole new... planet, around every corner.

Our intuitive scripting language is easy enough to perform basic tasks, but can be stretched to do even more if you're willing.

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The Essentials

Atlas offers the essentials you've come to expect from a multi-purpose bot — from a functional dashboard and level progression to powerful moderation tools, ideal for simplifying any power user's workflow.

Slash Commandremindme

Get Atlas to remind you of something important at a future date.

Slash Commandlock

Prevent users from talking in the channel.

Slash Commandcases

Get a list of punishments a user has been given or information on a specific case.

And It Doesn't End There

The Atlas team is a group of passionate and dedicated people, seeking to ease the lives of others as much as we can. Our community is constantly suggesting improvements and reporting bugs, improving the experience for everyone involved.

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